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5th June 1980 - BORSTEL, Germany FR

chairman: Gertrud MEISSNER

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Prof. G. Meissner
Firenze: Palazzo vecchio

2-3rd June 1981 - FIRENZE, Italy

chairman: Giuseppe CAROLI

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Prof. G. Caroli
Antwerp: cathedral

24th June 1982 - ANTWERP, Belgium

chairman:  Stefaan PATTYN

Prof. S. Pattyn
Copenhagen: the siren

28-30th August 1983 - COPENHAGEN, Denmark

chairman: Mogens MAGNUSSON

(the congress was followed by the Conference of the International Working Group on Mycobacterial Taxonomy, 31.8-2.09)

Prof. M. Magnusson
Paris: triumphal arch

 15-16th June 1984 - PARIS, France

chairman: Hugo DAVID

Prof. H. David
Cordoba: Mosque

25-26th September 1985 - CORDOBA, Spain

chairman: Manuel CASAL

(the congress was followed by the 1st International Symposium on Mycobacteria of Clinical Interest,


Prof. M. Casal
St Gallen: Cathedral

3-4th July 1986 - ST GALLEN,  Switzerland

chairman: Thomas GIGER

Dr. T. Giger
Zeist: Bilderberg castle

2-4th September 1987 - ZEIST, Netherlands

chairman: Dick G. GROOTHUIS

Prof. D. Groothuis
Lisbon: Belem tower

4-6th July 1988 - LISBON, Portugal

chairman: Jorge TORGAL GARCIA

Prof. J. Torgal
Wye: St Gregory church

4-7th July 1989 - WYE, UK

chairman: P. Antony JENKINS

Dr. P.A. Jenkins
Stockholm: Stadhouse

25-26th June 1990 - STOCKHOLM, Sweden

chairman: Gunilla KÄLLENIUS

(the congress was followed by the 1st International Conference on the Pathogenesis of Mycobacterial Infections, 27-29.06)

Prof. G. Kallenius
Prague: Historical centre

1-4th July 1991 - PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia

chairman: Milan KUBIN

(click here to read a Personal memory by M. Kubin)

Dr. M. Kubin
Regensburg: St Peter Cathedral

30th June-2nd July 1992 - REGENSBURG, Germany

chairman: Ludmila NAUMANN

Prof. L. Naumann
Kuopio: Viewpoint tower

28-30th June 1993 - KUOPIO, Finland

chairman: Marja-Leena KATILA

Dr. M.L. Katila
Athens: Achropolis

26-30th June 1994 - ATHENS, Greece

chairman: Nikolas J. LEGAKIS

Prof. L.J. Legakis
Pisa: Piazza dei miracoli

4-7th June 1995 - PISA, Italy

chairman: Giuseppe CAROLI

Prof. G. Caroli
Paris: Eiffel tower

5-8th June 1996- PARIS, France

chairman: Veronique VINCENT

Dr. V. Vincent
Cordoba: Cathedral

17-18th June 1997 - CORDOBA, Spain

chairman: Manuel CASAL

(the congress was followed by the 2nd International Symposium on Mycobacteria of Clinical Interest,


Prof. M. Casal
Lisbon: Monument to explorers

22-25th July 1998 - LISBON, Portugal

chairman: Jorge TORGAL GARCIA

Prof. J. Torgal
Lucerne: Chapel bridge

4-7th July 1999 - LUCERNE, Switzerland

chairman: Gaby E. PFYFFER

Prof. G. Pfyffer
Vienna: St Stephen cathedral

2-5th July 2000 - VIENNA, Austria

chairman: Roja WEJBORA

Dr. R. Wejbora
Berlin: Brandeburg gate

1-4th July 2001 - BERLIN, Germany

chairman: Hans J. WOLF

Prof. H.J. Wolf
Dubrownik: Panorama

23-26th June 2002 - DUBROVNIK, Croatia


Dr. V. Katalinich-Jankovic
Tartu: Panorama

29th June-2nd July 2003 - TARTU, Estonia

chairman: Annika KRUUNER

Dr. A. Kruuner
Alghero: Panorama

27-30th June 2004 - ALGHERO, Italy

chairman: Giovanni FADDA

Prof. G. Gadda
Istanbul: Blue mosque

26-29th June 2005 - ISTANBUL, Turkey

chairman: Meltem UZUN

Prof. M. Uzum
London: Tower bridge

9th-12th July 2006 - LONDON, UK

chairman: Francis DROBNIEWSKI

Dr. F. Drobniewski
Athens: Parthenon


1st-4th July 2007 - ATHENS, Greece

chairman: Loukia ZERVA


Prof. L. Zerva
Plovdiv: Roman teather

6th-9th July 2008 - PLOVDIV, Bulgaria

chairman: Todor KANTARDJIEV

Prof. T. Kantardjiev
Porto: panorama


5th-8th July 2009 - PORTO, Portugal

chairman: Suzana DAVID


Dr. S. David
Bled: the lake

4th-7th July 2010 - BLED, Slovenia

chairmen: Matja˛ OCEPEK and Manca ˇOLNIR


Dr.s M. ˇolnir and M. Ocepek
Lübeck: Holsten gate

26th-29th June 2011 - LÜBECK, Germany

chairman: Stefan NIEMANN


Dr. S. Niemann
Brasov: Casa Sfatului

1st-4th July 2012 - BRASOV, Romania

chairman: Jonela Sorina MUNTEAN


Dr. I. Muntean
Firenze: Ponte vecchio

30th June - 3rd July 2013 - FIRENZE, Italy

chairmen: Daniela CIRILLO and Enrico TORTOLI


Drs. E. Tortoli and D. Cirillo
Vienna: Stephansdom

29th June - 2nnd July 2014 - VIENNA, Austria

chairman: Franz ALLERBERGER


Prof. F. Allerberger
Riga: panorama

28th June - 1st July 2015 - RIGA, Latvia

chairman: Girts SKENDERS


Dr. G. Skenders
Catania: city and Etna

3rd - 6th July 2016 - Catania, Italy

chairmen: Daniela CIRILLO, Stefan NIEMANN, Philip SUPPLY and Stefania STEFANI